Mobdro APk 2.2.14 Download

Mobdro APP 2.2.14 Download

The Mobdro app is a fabulous android application which offers a great number of remarkable features and functions to enjoy in free time. Different versions of mobdro app are being published for years, recently the latest 2019 version of this application has been published which is the best version to download right now. Mobdro app version 2.2.14 is being globally loved among the users because it provides the facility of streaming of various entertainment stuffs like TV shows, movies, music, cartoons, podcasts, news broadcast, animal news, documentaries, sports network and many such related items. The best thing about this app is you can watch the TV channels live exclusively. Millions of videos are present in the form of channels and categories. You can select any category or channel according to your interest. This app makes multiple videos accessible on your mobile devices for free of cost.

Mobdro Apk

This leading application is basically a platform for streaming of videos. Many different kinds of videos are present in one place and are divided into categories. This amazing application is a best source of entertainment for its users as it’s designed to provide high quality entertainment. You can easily watch your desired and favorite content in a convenient way. It is being globally admired, valued and appreciated. Therefore, if you’re looking for entertainment and relaxation in your leisure time, the latest version of Mobdro app should be your target point. There are a large number of such platforms but the latest version of mobdro app is the finest and unbeatable. Its distinctive features are making it rise among all other apps. The latest version of 2019 i.e. Mobdro app 2.2.14 is currently the best version to install and enjoy countless videos on your device.


Comparison Of Old Version Of Mobdro (2.1.14) Freemium With The Latest Version (2.2.14):

The old version was uploaded on October,2018 whereas the latest version was published on may,2019. The latest version is more upgraded and modernized.

  • The old version offered only a freemium account to use which consisted of less number of features but the latest version has availability of both the freemium and premium accounts to enjoy other countless features with no interruption of ads
  • In the latest version, the features are updated and well organized
  • In the latest version, a window appears on the home screen for the convenient live streaming
  • The latest version is delivering best experience in smaller app size
  • All bugs are fixed.
  • File size of old was 18.8 MB but the latest version of app will require less device storage
  • The errors are removed in latest version
  • The latest version offers an option for changing the language
  • The latest version 2.2.14 also offers the parental filter therefore you can restrict the inappropriate content according to user’s age and reduce the risk of your child encountering unsuitable videos online
  • The videos are available in HD quality
  • The quantity of ads are decreased so that you can easily enjoy videos without getting disturbed
  • In the version 2.2.14, streaming speed has increased in a more efficient way
  • The latest version is offering multiple functions and categories in a systematic way


Features In MOBDRO Version 2.2.14

The Mobdro App 2.2.14 has grouped its content for the ease of its users so that you can enjoy the easy searching of your favorite show. The billions of videos are divided into various categories. Basically every person wants to watch a different sort of content, everyone’s desired content is dissimilar. Without the facility of categories, it must be difficult for the users to search a specific video of their interest. Hence, on this amazing app, if you want to watch any specific video, you won’t need to search it separately. You can simply click on the section related to your interest and easily watch your desired video.

Some of its sections are as follows:

  • News
  • Shows
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Podcasts
  • Shows
  • Animals
  • Documentaries
  • Cartoons
  • Channels
  • Tech
  • Music
  • Others

These sections in the latest version of mobdro apk gives access to its users to open a specific one and enjoy the videos related to their interest, without searching separately on SEARCH OPTION


Functions Of MOBDRO Apk 2.2.14

The amazing role of this app is a biggest attraction for the people to enjoy Mobdro. This platform offers countless features and functions, which are captivating users globally. All these quality functions are obtainable in a single app. Some of its basic functions are as follows:

  •  select the language
  • You can change the language
  • You can change the resolution
  • Recorded and live both types of shows are available.
  • Live stream window is available on the home screen


Distinctive Features Of MOBDRO APP 2.2.14

Mobdro allows the users to enjoy the app to its fullest therefore numerous considerable benefits of Mobdro App 2.2.14 are as follows:

  • SPORTS FEATURE:  In order to provide relaxation to our minds, we all seek for our favorite content for the entertainment purpose. Mobdro version 2.2.14 is an incredible platform for the sports lovers who never want to miss their favorite match or game. But unfortunately if you’ve missed any match (you don’t need to be worried) because you can easily watch it effortlessly. The recorded matches are also available in the form of highlights. It offers multiple facilities, every kind of favourable sport is present such as badminton, cricket, boxing, tennis, hockey, yoga, horse racing, gymnastics ETC. You can watch any channel of sports through this productive app. The video quality is also in HD. There are multiple TV channels also available related to sports.



Mobdro is much more than a video app. You can also enjoy unlimited live streaming free of cost, also available with highlights in amazing video quality. You can watch any match or video live through any TV channel as a large number of TV channels are linked with this app



This app is useful and enjoyable both at the same time. You can SUBSCRIBE any channel to receive the notification on daily basis. Yes you will receive a popped up message i.e. notification of your favorite content therefore you can never miss any match or show through this app and watch your likeable content on time. But if you’ve missed the facility of recorded content is also accessible for you in a specified way.


How to install the 2019 latest version of Mobdro APP 2.2.14 on Android devices?

Mobdro apk file is available here free of cost and some simple and easy steps are also stated below. Here is the quick guide. Follow these steps to download the latest version of mobdro apk

  • First of all, go to SETTINGS on your device, tap on SECURITY and ALLOW the UNKNOWN SOURCES
  • Click on the link:
  • Open the folder where you just stored the file of mobdro apk. Tap on the APK FILE
  • A popup box will ask for some easy authorization to use the resources (like internet, media or storage access) Provide the PERMISSION
  • Tap on INSTALL, now the installation will complete automatically
IS Mobdro free or Paid ?

The latest version of Mobdro app 2.2.14 has availability of both the free version and the premium version.


Two different types of accounts are available in Mobdro App. One is premium and the other one is free. Only the premium account provides access to all features

Freemium Account:

For the users who want to stream videos in zero cost, a freemium version is available for them on which they can watch high quality live content easily

Preemium Account :

For the users who want to explore other significant features of Mobdro app, it also has availability of premium version. This version offers multiple quality features to enjoy streaming of countless videos. You only need the premium version when you want to put it on a Chromecast. This version is ads free. You can also capture any likable video to watch later.